Netflix’s Betaal Review

Well all the performances are brilliant, but the biggest USP of the series is Jitendra Joshi, we all loved him as Katekar in Sacred games. But here we will hate his character , as he plays a brilliant negative character. The shades of greed, fear and power can be seen with his impactful expressions.

The BLoC Pattern: From Bad to Acceptable Flutter Code

Flutter is heating up things now. We can see many Android Developers switching to flutter and developing beautiful applications. I am no exception, I also have tried flutter and immediately fell in love with it, because it makes life of an android developer easy. But at the same time one aspect of it made me … Continue reading The BLoC Pattern: From Bad to Acceptable Flutter Code

Flutter : Chapter 1

Hello readers!! Yes I am back, after little struggle and all the mess around I finally got the time and intent to get back to my blog. Let's not waste any time and start with the first chapter with flutter. Recently I came across some work with flutter and it was new for me, so … Continue reading Flutter : Chapter 1

Examining Scope Functions in Kotlin

Kotlin provides us bunch of scoping functions. Scope functions that allow for changing scope or the range/value of a variable or object. So there are five scope functions available in kotlin those are -> run, let,also,with,apply. We will discuss all of them here. The scope functions gives us the series of steps style of doing … Continue reading Examining Scope Functions in Kotlin

Factory Pattern in Kotlin

According to the Gang of Four book that defined the technique, the intent of the Factory Method pattern is as follows: Define an interface for creating an object, but let subclasses decide which class to instantiate. Factory Method lets a class defer instantiation to subclasses Factory design pattern is used when we have a super … Continue reading Factory Pattern in Kotlin

Singleton pattern in Kotlin

Working around with kotlin is very much interesting as it brings out various new feature and the way it is written is smoother than what one can really expect. In this article we will be discussing how can we implement the singleton pattern, which is commonly used. Kotlin doesn't have static members for class, that … Continue reading Singleton pattern in Kotlin

Set GIT in Android Studio-Ubuntu

Hey folks, its been a while playing around with Ubuntu. And first thing that I did after switching to ubuntu was installing Android studio. You can check out the installation process here : Problem Installing Android studio in Ubuntu 17.10? The very next thing to do was to setup the Git in Ubuntu, so we … Continue reading Set GIT in Android Studio-Ubuntu

MVVM implementation Android:Kotlin

Model View View Model Architecture for Android MVVM is one of the architectural patterns which enhances separation of concerns, it allows separating the user interface logic from the business (or the back-end) logic. Its target (with other MVC patterns goal) is to achieve the following principle “Keeping UI code simple and free of app logic … Continue reading MVVM implementation Android:Kotlin

Firebase Job Dispatcher : Android

Doing some task on background thread actually gives lot of advantage in terms of user experience. Almost every application we use are multi-threaded application. There are lot of options available for performing an action on background thread with their own advantages, but what gives you an added advantage is Firebase Job dispatcher service available in … Continue reading Firebase Job Dispatcher : Android